edited 6/17/2011, 4:28pm PST

Because analysis, critique, and action are the synthesis of resistance, therefore I am.

Think of RehearsalsDepartures as a door, a starting point, some interstitial place before you get there.

These narratives are only meant to be an entry to the dialogue, the sunspit seed of action, never the end.

RD is human, fallible, incomplete, but always reaching towards other ways.

If not racism, if not sexism, if not ableism, if not classism, if not capitalism, if not The State, if not the prison-industrial complex, if not the medical-industrial complex, if not reinforcing the kyriarchy, then what?

Let’s find out together, you and I.

Our journeys will be individual, but let’s clasp hands across the distance and share when and where we can.


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