Trigger up: Impostor


Trigger warning for: suicidal ideation.

I know I’m not the only one
whose confidence gets mowed down at odd moments
whose sense of deserving is skewed by doubt
who believes their claims to accomplishments or identities to be
somehow less.

Dear impostor in the mirror: I’m here to tell you
you are not an actor
you didn’t get the role in the play for looks
you’re living the story.

It’s yours, whatever you make of it–
exposition, conflict, resolution, and
if you don’t get it right every time
that’s what adds interest to the narrative.

I overheard someone giving writing advice today,
and I’d like you to live it out:
“…it’s not that your character achieves the goal they set out for,
it’s the things that happen along the way.”

I know it’s scary out there and sometimes
you think about just couch camping forever
or jumping off the Aurora Bridge
but don’t you know
they built a fence around that bridge
and don’t you know that
there’s more for you, outside the door.

It might be more struggle
I can’t guarantee it will be all
sunshine and roses or
cafe au lait and croissants
especially since right now all you can really afford is
intermittent sunshine and drip coffee.

Yet I think you know:
this conflict just adds interest to the story and
overcoming the impostor is your first assignment.

Dedicated those living in the margins.


One Response to “Trigger up: Impostor”

  1. rewind said

    you are not the only one! thank you for writing this.

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