just sent my proposal:

Give Care, Take Care: Support Skills for All of Us (2 hours)
This skillshare is part of an intentional effort to share support skills that respect and support the individual agency and needs of persons experiencing harm from violence, grief, and/or other trauma, including sexual assault. Will also include an intro to a few basic herbs for trauma, self-care as radical practice, and group participation–this is meant as a mutual sharing of skills, not a presentation!

i believe this is time for a rousing round of shouting eee eee eee, hopping around the living room, making a burrito, and getting the fuck out of the house after i finish a few more chores. being back in the city is overwhelming (so many places i’m sposed to be! so many friends to love and hug! so many cars to try not to get hit by!). i often want to run away to a seaside farm and raise sheep and bicycles and never ever come back until all the skyscrapers are overgrown with vines and the politicians settled into deep graves. i would take you with me, loves, but i don’t think you’d wanna go, and sometimes it’s the heartbreak of your loss (losing you, losing all of you) that keeps me from departure.


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