Starting to think there may be something to this whole queer witches thing, yo. I feel like a lot of the changes in our house began taking shape when I brought this herb into our garden:

This plant is mainly used in protection, hex-breaking and road-opening spells – as always, the magickal properties are analogic to the medicinal ones. Epazote helps us digest the obstacles in life and removes spiritual parasites. It makes a wonderful smudge/spray for getting rid of residual negativity from our houses – it is highly recommended to smudge/spray the house with it after situations that are highly stressful for the whole family, like after a family member’s death, after a divorce, etc.

This is a plant that is also highly related to the world of the Dead, so a cup of its tea will make a wonderful offering in your ancestor’s altar, or when asking for help to those who have crossed over to the world of spirits. A bundle of dry epazote is a wonderful protection to keep nightmares caused by spirits away, and to protect indigo children from spiritual attacks.

From here [emphasis added].

I actually just use this herb because it’s a) delicious and b) carminative (anti-farts) c) it’s hilarious to pull it out of my garden and be like “smell it! it smells curiously like gasoline!”


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