Okay, here’s the plan.


19 days, ~1000 miles. My bicycle, my tools, my legs. 4 rest days built in, averaging ~65 miles a day.

A fountain pen, a new journal, a bottle of ink, the same old head and heart as before.

Departure 7/9, and be damned if I’m gonna push that back just because I’m modestly underprepared.

Things to do:

  • finish planning route (as in, actually map it out turn by turn)
  • clean/tune bike (swap handlebars?, definitely need to swap in favorite saddle)
  • practice pack (water filter, hot sauce, extra spoke(s), stamps, extra tube, tire, granola, corn meal, peanut butter, sardines, sunscreen, etc)
  • get a new tarp/new clothesline for tent as old one disappeared
  • get new sleeping pad (stolen by the copsss–fuck you cops)
  • nervously pace and/or stay awake at night, worrying: about what i’ve forgotten, if something breaks, if any of my plans fall thru, etc
  • roll off almost casually Monday morning, like i could be going to work, but instead lay down 60 miles or so, NBD.
  • rinse, repeat, zoom!

I’ve done this route before, but we did far fewer miles and I was with 6 other people. This time I get to do it alone and stop and hike and sleep on cliffs and cower from logging trucks and I am gonna have the best. fucking. time.and you can’t stop me, you can’t stop meeee.

<yawn> well at least i’m already fulfilling the staying-up-late-worrying part of my to do list.


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