dear exhaustion,

we’ve been seeing a lot of eachother lately, and i’m not sure that it’s healthy. sometimes i come home too filled up with you to even sleep, my heart hammering and body racing a mile a minute, sometimes kept awake by the sheer anxiety of knowing i need to sleep in order to fulfill the next day (and night) of commitments. recently i feel as though i have been bailing on many of these commitments because i’m too busy spending time with you. that doesn’t seem healthy, does it?
and exhaustion, i am really tired of you showing up at my house unannounced for tea only to stay the whole night and then follow me to work in the morning, too. it’s sneaky, it’s rude, and it’s downright disrespectful of my boundaries.
because you’re unwilling to talk about any of these missteps, i think we should see other people. oh, i’m sure we’ll see eachother around, i do enjoy a good fall-down-tired fall into bed and all, but i’d like to leave most of what we’ve shared behind.



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