for C.

it seems appropriate that in Spanish a verb is conjugated by pronoun. to do together is different than when you or i do so apart, after all.
there has never been much in the way of a unit to our relationship, and i love this, so respectful of our autonomy that sometimes i ache to introduce this timbre to other relationships that tug at my heart in different ways, tug others’ hearts different ways.
people ask so much of the people they share their bodies with, and it is so often too much for anyone to bear–for me to bear, for you. it seems we are perpetually pulling back from people who want more from us than we could ever give.
our relationship is process, constant journey, being reimagined radically at every turn. i love that we dance so far apart at times–in other rooms, other cities, we do our turns, but still return and press palms, come together with sparkling revelations and experiences to exchange.
refresh, renew and move along.
estamos muy cerca, y mas.


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