Pride goeth before the fall.


After my saddle/seatpost were stolen a few months ago, I started parking my bike in the office while I work. Now I pass her and the fenders twinkle enviously: shouldn’t we be out riding, RD? of course, my pretty girl! soon. any day now, I won’t stop my morning ride to pull into work, I’ll just keep on pedaling, into the fog. Some anonymizing port city calls to me, ferry be damned.


Autumn Heat: hot cocoa for cold hands

2 c. almond milk, whole milk, or soy milk (make sure it has plenty of fat!)
pinch sea salt
1 T. dutch process cocoa (hell yes, that’s a lot!)
2 T. molasses, brown sugar, or other sweetener
pinch garam masala or nutmeg
pinch cinnamon

1 T. minced orange or tangerine peel
dash (just a dash, or it’ll burn too much!) cayenne
whiskey, bourbon or scotch (as much as you like!)

doing it:

place all ingredients in a small saucepan over medium heat, whisking frequently. when mixture begins to steam, pour into mugs and enjoy.

rinse, repeat.


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