rainbow bloc


Trying to extinguish some of my sense of urgency, since it seems to be giving me…anxiety attacks about the revolution (yeah dudes, you heard it hear first!). I was pleased to find this on PSA today:

Last winter, we acted to burn the bridges of our enemies. We must also build our own bridges to new potential allies in struggle. In order to so, we may also need to burn our black flags–or, dropping the dramatic turn of phrase, we at least need to know not only when to fly them, but when to put them away

Like safe(r) spaces, I want intentionally anarchist spaces sometimes, but I also want a time to build bridges. Building bridges is risky, challenging work, and I’m still learning how to do it without compromising completely. Last weekend we started the project of that by doing a really brief pre-action teach-in that seemed to give folks additional perspective/tools, and (hopefully) open some minds. We’ll see. More to be done, for sure.

I love trading tools. When I play educator, I lend people tools from my belt and see what they do with them. That, for me, was my bridge (one of them?) to anarchism–DIY culture.

I’ve never really been the black flag type. I look more like the rainbow bloc than the black bloc most of the time, funky handmade clothes and goofy nervous smile. But heeyyy, I support a diversity of tactics, as we like to say!

The last week or so has been hard because my body/brain have been operating at a constant level of but how can we build the bridges? it’s uuurgent! anxiety (and inflammation as a result, ugh), so it’s nice to look up from feeling oh-so-crazy to find that…people are already doing these things, and I can calm down for ten minutes, at least. Making change time gonna last longer than that, so it seems.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to curl up next to a very pretty freckled girl who is making the most adorable noises in her sleep.


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