It feels like there are a lot of things up in the air, globally and locally. I am excited and terrified.

Local (Olympia) account of the Longview protests

Seattle Freeriders

Wall Street Protests

Forthcoming (likely) execution of Troy Anthony Davis


Physically, recovery feels slow. The Hole ™ in my mouth still gapes, and I am still not supposed to be eating solid foods. Getting enough calories without eating dairy (ice cream, yoghurt, etc) has been…challenging. Some nights I can’t sleep from the pain, or I have totally bizarro frantic dreams, or wake up at 1am and 5am to take more pain pills. This shit is physically and emotionally draining, in particular because physical activity is part of how I care for my mental “ill-ness”.

All is not lost. This time has been a good time to redress the ways that I take care of myself and establish new routines. I’m even documenting some of my adherence to these new goals in order to keep myself accountable. It’s an interesting process. Makes me feel “old”, but I predict that in the longer run it is going to make me feel better.

Learning new ways of being awesome so I can be awesome, y’know?

Ohh-kay. as you were.



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