a fine sieve, a free box, a jar of burning earth.

not the same thing you were looking for at all,

but it’s found.

healing hands, she

rolls over onto my back

exposes the star at my belly

tap three times, says

“this is your strength/weak-ness/strength.”

there are other hands


press in

the forehead so says relief.


flip the bullhorn

flush conflagration


everything must go.

Epilobium angustifolium is a pioneer

will grow first

where the burning has been.

before its telltale blooms

a poultice could be an appropriate measure

make sure you do not

heal too fast, cover up

too much.

(it will drain bitter green, a blood-hollowed boil)


steepletop soured

it’s that you think damage

when I say injury

put a fist print into the brick as tho to say

this is not the only injury I’ve ever had.


thanks for the hand up / now get the fuck out.


2 Responses to “”

  1. sometimes i wonder if we both are clairvoyant and bleed into each others heads.

  2. +1.
    but really tho–not clairvoyance, just in conversation?

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