that which you own will own you.


got into an incredibly exhausted spiraling conversation with housemate last night about class and economics and misfortune. per usual felt incredibly uneloquent, vapid, unclear in speaking–but maybe better as i write about it? as ever, i’m a writer, not a talker. couldn’t sleep for the manic anxiousness in my bones, chewing on notions and noises and trying not to gnaw too hard at a toothache.


working to un-still the notions i was instilled with as a child by the kyriarchy. move, notions, get out the way! i have new notions flooding in.

the value train i was instilled with:

  1. if you are determined enough, you can get a job.
  2. if job, then $$
  3. if $$, then FREEEEDOM!!!!

so, let’s hastily approximate that, shall we?

Work shall make you free.

oh, is that also the rough translation of the phrase emblazoned on the gates of Auschwitz-Birkenau? well! what a striking coincidence, Protestant values!

for a brief (seriously, it was brief!) interlude of my adulthood, it really did seem that if you were privileged enough, all venues were open to you. that sense fell on its face in 2008 when the market crashed, but i know a lot of folks who are still operating on that myth, that they deserve things because they are white, able-bodied, middle class, college-educated–especially if they work hard enough on capitalist society’s terms. it is heartbreaking to watch them coming to terms with a very personal analysis of capitalism, a system they had previously thought maybe-not-sooo-terrible because it still benefited them.

and yet. the tables have turned. not turned like poor people are the new rich people (haaaa), but now everything is even more polarized, and the previously middle-class are now clinging to its vestiges (hey debt!) while living as working poor, accounts frozen by creditors, food bank meals, etc.

these are the people that i want to self organize, take that sense of ‘deserving’ and apply it to humanity at large. we all deserve: food, shelter, safety, healthcare, support.


how can we provide for eachother without capitalism? i can think of so many ways, but the state makes it so fucking hard by regulating (and co-opting) each and every movement. if we want healthcare, we must $$. if we want a place to live without getting thrown in jail, we must $$. if we want food we must $$.

this job owns me now, not i it. what to do about that?


One Response to “that which you own will own you.”

  1. AoT said

    I got the feeling that my job owns me something fierce these days. Of course, I’m lucky enough never to have labored under the delusion that hard work is what’s important in this society, so I got that going for me.

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