Stop Sobbing: a recipe


edited 6/9/2011 1:34pm to include a note about libido loss.

And now I will have Chrissie Hynde‘s voice in my head all day long. There are worse things, after all.

Living in the Pacific Northwest, I figure that dealing with disordered moods sometimes is a given. A crappy given, but a given.

So! Enter this tisane (tea, infusion, whatever-you-want-to-call-it). Because everyone’s body is different, I can not guarantee this tea will work for you, but it works really well for me and has even helped modulate some of the worst of my bipolar lows. I usually setup so it can steep overnight, then strain & pour into my waterbottle in the morning before I head out for the day. Did I mention that it’s delicious? It is! If you want sweetness, you can add agave, molasses, honey, etc. I wouldn’t recommend refined white sugar because studies (and my experience) have shown refined sugars/flours to have significant impacts to some folks’ wellbeing, but do what you will with whatever is available and whatever works best for your body.

The herbs recommended here are relatively innocuous–but if you’re allergic to ragweed* or have a bleeding disorder, please skip the chamomile. And of course! this is not medical advice, use at your own risk, don’t pour boiling tea on or in yourself, ETC.

Sx (symptoms): anxiety, depression, disordered moods, libido loss***, etc

Stop Sobbing** blend:

note: if possible, measure by weight, not volume.

1 pt. chamomile
1 pt. oatstraw
1 pt. peppermint
1 pt. nettle

extra credit: replace peppermint w/ 1 pt. lemon balm

place ~1/3 c. of mixture in a ~32 oz. jar. cover with boiling water, stir, and allow to steep for 30 minutes or more (I prefer overnight). after allowing to cool, strain and drink. you can mix with kombucha, molasses, honey, agave, juice, whatever you like!

*chamomile & ragweed=related.

**I love a good cry, so don’t think that I’m knocking sobbing, by any means. But sometimes the sensation that one is going to start sobbing at any moment (especially inopportune situations like on the bus, at a show, on one’s bicycle, etc) is undesirable.

***As a survivor of sexual trauma who, like you, lives in a sexually traumatic & repressive society, let me say: it is totally normal for one’s libido to secede at times, but I know that personally it is also really nice to find it again, too. You know what’s normal/healthy for your body and your situation best of anyone!


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